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iOS 15.0 – 15.5 Jailbreak News: What's Holding Cheyote JB From Release & Changes For iOS 15 Tweaks

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In today’s video, we’re discussing what’s currently holding off the Odyssey Team from being able to release the Cheyote Jailbreak for iOS 15.0 – 15.1.1, but also what modifications will tweak developers have to do starting from iOS 15.0 and going all the way up to iOS 15.5 and even further, in terms of tweak development.

iOS 15 changes how LibHooker works and these changes affect how tweaks are being developed and loaded. If tweak developers account for these changes correctly in their code, the end user should notice no changes whatsoever on how the tweaks work, but that doesn’t mean there is no work needed from tweak developers to make the iOS 15 jailbreak possible.

IMPORTANT: This video is provided for informational, research, and news purposes. Jailbreaking is free and legal as per DMCA 2015. Please use jailbreaking tools responsibly.

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