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iOS 15.1 / 15.0.2 / 15 JAILBREAK News: NEW Jailbreak bug Achieved By Security Researcher

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In today’s video, I have even more great news for those of you on iOS 15.1, iOS 15.0, and even lower, on iOS 14.8 / 14.7. Security researcher @08Tc3wBB has posted the hash of a file containing their iOS 15 code execution vulnerability which is currently 0-Day (not reported to Apple / Public). This comes only a few weeks after another developer, @realBrightiup has also demoed a similar vuln for iOS 15.1 which had Kernel R/W which is usable for jailbreaking.

The new iOS 15 comes with an important change that makes jailbreaking a bit harder, which is sealed ROOT FS. Normally, all jailbreaks (except RootlessJB by Jake James) will attempt to remount the ROOT FS as Read/Write instead of Read-Only so that Cydia and all the necessary jailbreak components be installed. This isn’t possible anymore without an additional set of patches, making iOS 15 a bad version to be…

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