Jailbreak iOS 15 For All Iphone Models. You Will Not Need A Computer.

Hello guys and welcome to my tutorial showing you how to jailbreak ios 15 using checkra1n. As most of you know ios 15 is the latest release of apple operating system for iphones and the number 15 means it is the fifteenth.

Some people believe that you have to wait a long time before exploits for jailbreaking are found and that is true but it is not the case for the ios 15 as an exploit allowing to gain full root access (jailbreak) was discovered very quickly (compared to older versions).

While the title has iphone 11, iphone 12 and iphone 13 in it, don’t be discouraged. This tutorial will work for all iphones running ios 15. So iphone 6s all the way to the latest iphone 13. If you think that ios 15 is the best operational system released by apple so far wait till you get to access it without any limitation. The amount of tweaks and cool things you can do with jailbroken iphone is endless.

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