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– iPad Pro 2020 Rumors and Leaks
– MacBook Pro 2020 Rumors and Leaks
– iPhone 2020 Rumors and Leaks

Additional Details:
• Apple is currently planning on releasing 4 new models starting September 2020 which will be up from the usual 3. When you add in the possible iPhone SE 2 (or iPhone 9), this will then be 5 new models!
• There is a possibility of seeing 2 higher end models featuring a 6.7-inch screen and 6.1 inches. Meanwhile, the lower end models will feature 5.4-inches and 6.1-inches
• The higher-end iPhones will be equipped with new rear camera technologies referred to as “world-facing” 3D sensing for improved augmented reality capabilities, while the others will continue to use dual-lens setups like the iPhone 11.
• Change in the launch cadence with the release of two new iPhone models in 1H21 followed by another two in 2H21
• A new iPad Pro (Q3 2020) and 16 inch MacBook Pro (Q4 2020) featuring Mini-LED screens
• Apple is interested in Mini-LED…