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Jailbreak ios 15 with Fugu15 No Mac PC

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Guide for those who need to install Sileo on Fugu15 without PC and MAC
1. Install Fugu15 by Trollstore (Note that this step has not run jailbreak by Fugu15 yet)
2. Download LibTerm from Appstore
3. Open the Fugu15 app and click Jailbreak, when see the blue Jailbroken leave it there without closing the app, open the main screen to open the LibTerm app downloaded at step 2.
4. Enter “nc 127.1 1337” (no double brackets) to connect to iDownload, then enter “bootstrap”, and finally “uicache -r”
5. Now iPhone will reboot, after rebooting, reopen the Fugu15 app and click Jailbreak.
6. Go to the home screen to check if there is Sileo or not, if not, redo the steps.
7. Wish you success ! After installing, go to Sileo to watch?? Not the tweaks still up and running
. Link TrollStore version 1.3.4:

. Link Fugu15 version 0.0.1:

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