Jailbreak tweaks and their glitches (iOS 13-13.5)

I have decided to discover and review the latest jailbreak tweaks with you guys. You will see some drama and annoyance 🙂

I hope you like the video. The discovered tweaks are:

00:35 BatteryAlert (Free)
01:20 Cenamo (Free)
02:24 BEWARE! Funimation++ ($1.25)
04:45 HomeSize (Free) BigBoss
06:12 iResters (Free)
10:04 LockShut ($0.99)
12:09 PerfectPhotos (Free)
14:10 PerfectYoutube (Free)
16:15 ProperLockGestures (Free)
18:19 Rapid ($2.49)
21:20 TimeSeconds (Free) BigBoss
22:11 Spotify Listening History (Free)

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