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Joomla! 4 For Big Dummies Like You – 2022 Edition- Is Joomla Dead? Mathew Tamin

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In 2020, I released the “Joomla For Big Dummies Like You” to explain to beginners what Joomla is and how to use it. I didn’t think that it would go viral but it did. I still get tons of questions from people about Joomla:

Is Joomla dead?
Is it time to switch to another CMS?
Should I upgrade my Joomla site yet?
What is the current version of Joomla?
What is next for Joomla?
Is Joomla difficult to learn?

Today, we are going to answer these questions. If you have a Joomla website or are looking to build a website, you need to pay attention to this.

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