Learn Ubuntu 18 LTS :Most Useful Commands

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Configure the update manager.
Install Drivers
Install Synaptic package manager
Install additional codecs, MS fonts, flash and a few more useful packages.
Install Microcode
Activate Minimize to dock.
Decrease Swap Use
Enable Drive Cache
Reduce SSD Writes
Set up firewall
Configure Ubuntu settings
Move apps button to top
Install Gnome tweak tool
Install Gnome Extensions
Install Arc menu
Install additional themes
Change Firefox settings (open last closed tabs, add search field)
Enable Netflix Support in Firefox
Tweak LibreOffice
Enable Google Drive integration
Schedule Backups
Remove unnecessary software
Turn Off Startup Applications
Clean system (Bleachbit)
Install VLC
Install Google Chrome
Install Dropbox
Install Skype
Install Spotify
Laptop Tweaks