Today I will show you how I modded my cooling block for more sustained power and also for much stable temperatures.
It is simple Idea that more surface will have better chance of dissipating heat and especially if it is clean cooper.
Legion 5 Pro have decent cooling but it is not perfect and definitely could benefit from some modding since fans are getting annoying for sure.

Please check Igor’s video to better understand what could be the main cause of strange behavior in terms of temperature and cooling:

I will try to test this myself on Legion 5 Pro since I just got some @Alphacool International GmbH products. Mainly those softer Pads and some Thermal Paste. Since I did saw that Thermal Grizzly’s Minus Pads from @der8auer are definitely harder and less compressive than stock ones. They are great pads but I will just check to make sure since both Pads and Paste from Alphacool have better (on Paper) thermal conductivity plus pads are softer and…