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M1 Pro MacBook Pro – Is 512GB Storage Enough?

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512GB is now the CHEAPEST storage option for the NEW 2021 M1 Pro Macbook Pro 14 inch and 16 inch – IS IT ENOUGH?? In this video I will show you exactly why you should pick 512GB and how to get more SPEEDY Storage for less…

An external Hard Drive or SSD is a great investment and can instantly double or quadruple your storage for like 1/3 of the price Apple charges.

Drives shown on Todays vieo from Amazon;
Seagate 2TB Hard Drive;
SanDisk Extreme SSD 2TB;
Sabrent Rocket SSD 2TB;

Intro 0:00
Options from Apple 0:30
Hard Drive Options 1:37
Benchmarking FCP Export 5:08
Benchmarking Hard Drive Speed Test 7:22
Conclusion in what to pick 11:25

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M1 Pro/Max 16″ MacBook Pro;
M1 13″ MacBook Pro:
M1 13″ MacBook…

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