Okay who doesn’t love Apple right?? I hope these tips helped you guys! Leave a comment or tag me in your insta story showing me what tip you used! I hope you guys got excited or motivated watching this! I know I did lolll Thank you all so so much for your encouragement & support!!! ❤️Comment down below what I should film next ⬇️

Tips :
1. General Customization
*Light & dark mode
* Accent colors
* highlight colors
2. Desktop & Screen Saver
3. Doc
* Hiding Doc
* Size of Doc
* Size of apps
* Position on screen of Doc
4. Profile picture
* How to add user accounts on your Mac
* How to change your password
5. How to use Do Not Disturb
6. How to get & add widgets
7. How to use Stickies
* How to add a sticky
* How to change the color
* How too change sticky size
* How to change the font
* How to change font color
8. How to change & customize folder icons – from Julia K Crist

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