May 20th Development Update | Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020’s is preparing for Sim Update 4 that is planned for its release on the 25th this month. Sim Update 4 that should have numerous fixes towards Turbo Props.

In addition to that, World Update 5 is in focus. With the help of partners, the World Updates could be possible. Three partners are in play towards the World Updates and they are key to this. BlueSky, Gaya Simualtions, Orbx and not to forget external teams too.

Offline AI Traffic has been under the SDK . Most important things under the experience would be the AI Traffic to make the experience more authentic and their goal is to at some point to make sure that planes can fly with their own liveries.

The Real Taxiways from JustFlight have been the talk of the town that enhances quite a large sum of airports in the US for now focusing primarily towards taxiways further refining them.

The Weather simulation expert team SoFly have released their pack on a series of Landing Challenges…