********** Instructions to revert back to default are below please make a system restore point *******************
Hello everyone today in microsoft flight simulator 2020 we discuss another tweak to be made to help stutters in the sim. This will not solve every stutter that you have but can certainly help as not all stutter are created equal and many varying actors go into why there are stutters in the sim. So if this did help you please leave a comment below even if it didn’t help you please let me know. Make sure to like subscribe and share the video . Thanks for watching!

********* If you wish to revert back to default then follow these steps**********
1. Go to search and type msconfig and select the config app in the menu.
2. when the app open select normal startup in the startup selection menu (also under the general tab at the top)
3. select apply at the bottom
4. select ok
5. select restart pc

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