Here it is hackers, the FINAL video to my OpenBSD Deep Install series. This little video series was an idea given to me by a viewers comment about wanting to see the whole process of getting to smooth, functional OpenBSD desktop. Now granted it’s not easy to make these kind of videos, they were not scripted and I just winged it. So some boring moments, some goof ups of commands or moments where I was up too late and got confused (old man here).

Either way, this was a great warmup to get me back in the swing of making content, and more is on the way. I also have a new dedicated microphone for videos that will make production easier. Anyways, enjoy and RUN BSD!!

*The one thing I forgot to document is I boosted some numbers in the /etc/login.conf for the staff login class. Let me know if you want a pastebin copy of that config.

This video was produced using kdenlive on FreeBSD 13.1, video was recorded with an IToddler device.

Artwork by Syscrash, @[email protected] on…