Pop OS 19.10 – How to install Pop OS any PC | Pop OS VMWare Installation Guide

This video will help to install Pop OS 19.10 on any PC or laptop. Install POP OS in any PC Or laptop using VMWare Workstation Player. Pop OS is the Best Linux Distro in 2020 ? POP OS is the one You Must Give it a Shot. Pop OS 19.10 is a fastest, powerful & beautiful Linux Distro for everyone available for free. The all new latest version of Pop OS comes with Nvidia drivers out of the box which improves the performance of graphics.

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What is Pop OS ?

System 76 is a hardware vendor, who ships laptops, desktops & servers with Linux Ubuntu. Hence, POP Os. It is based on Linux Ubuntu with many gnome tweaks. I think the most important thing about Pop! OS isn’t the OS itself. After all, the OS is little more than a re-branded Ubuntu GNOME. What’s important here is that the Pop OS 19.10 is developed by a PC manufacturer. You may be thinking, “so what?” But think about it How many PC makers offer up their own OS? The answer is two: Apple and…