Intro: 00:01
My Settings: 01:09
Learning The Basics: 07:08
Using TDM Mode: 09:20
Using Casual Mode: 10:20
Loadout Choices: 11:49
Solo, Duo or Squad? 16:02
Secrets, Straegies & Tactics: 17:53
With PUBG going free-to-play from the 12th January 2022, I thought it high time I revisited my beginners guide to PUBG. The devs have included some great tutorials and learning modes, but it’s the overall strategies & tactics that you’ll need to learn to give you and / or your squad a guarantee of a Chicken Dinner – not every time, but more often than you’d think.
In Player Unknowns Battlegrounds, positioning is just as (if not more) important than gun-skills – if you can get yourself to the end-game on a consistent basis, math will do its thing and you’ll win. Trust me!
Thanks, Rob.
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