PUBG PC Recoil Control Sensitivity Settings GUIDE 2021 is being showed here.
Since the recoil got increased for assault rifles in patch 15.1 #12, many have been asking for an updated video on recoil control (how to spray).
This is how you do it guys – now go get em!
Time stamp:
0:0 – 0:23 Intro with and w/o trick
0:24- Pubg PC Zero Recoil settings
2:30 – Very Important Trick Explanation
3:50- Game Sensitivity Settings
4:13 – Recpoil W/O any settings and attachments
5:02 Akm Zero Recoil testing 6x,4x,3,x,2x, holo and red dot
7:53 M416 Zero Recoil testing with 6x,4x,3,x,2x, holo and red dot

this video is about HOW TO CONTROL RECOIL IN PUBG PC STEAM AFTER UPDATE 15.1 watch the video to learn full facts about pubg and its recoil mechanism
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