I leak Raptor Lake’s Release Date, Raptor Lake Pricing, and then answer live Q&A.
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0:00 Intro Babbling
2:08 Intel Raptor Lake Release Date & Pricing LEAK (+ Z790, B650, X670 Pricing Whispers)
21:00 Zen 4 X3D vs Raptor Lake
33:00 RDNA 3, Raptor Lake DDR5
43:00 Lovelace Power Consumption
55:10 Intel Meteor Lake Platform – will they beat AMD to “cafeteria chiplets”?
1:00:00 Nvidia Blackwell, ARC, RTX 4080 Availability, AD106 Release Date
1:11:55 Zen 5, RTX 4080 Pictures
1:19:00 Will AMD keep making the R7 5800X3D next year?
1:23:00 Is the i5-13600 rebranded ADL? Is Sony sneakily raising PS5 pricing in the US?

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