In this video, I will show you how to remove the ads from the lock screen of your Amazon Fire tablet forever. This will work on all models regardless of hardware or software! Not only are the ads annoying but they can use data and drain your fire tablet battery for no good reason. Remove them now in just a few minutes.

You will need this stuff:

▶ Windows Computer
▶ Fire Tablet USB Charging Cable
▶ Fire 7 Tablet:
▶ Fire 8 Tablet:
▶ Fire 10 Tablet:

Follow these Simple Steps:

On Your Fire Tablet

1. You must install the Google Play Store on your Fire Tablet first. Follow this video to get that done:
2. Enable Developer Options on your Fire Tablet. If you have a 9th Generation Device this will not be possible. Check out this video for the fix:
3. Enable ADB Debugging or USB Debugging.
4. Download the Automate app from the Google Play…