This week I’m bringing this Gigabyte U2442(Which is NOT a MacBook Air) back to life with a new SSD and Battery. Plus I give it a fresh coat of Pop OS paint!

Intro- 0:00
Gigabyte U2442 Specs – 1:01
Problems with the laptop- 2:57
Replacement SSD and Battery Used in the Repair – 3:42
Laptop Repair: SSD and Battery Replacement – 4:14
Why I picked Pop OS – 6:48
Thoughts on Pop OS Customization – 7:21
Thoughts on installing Applications on Pop OS – 9:55
Thoughts on Gaming on Pop OS/Gigabyte U2442 – 12:32
Gigabyte U2442 Webcam and Mic test – 14:53
Testing a native Linux Game on Pop – 15:25
Thoughts on Gigabyte U2442 Keyboard, Trackpad, and Battery life – 17:13
Final Thoughts- 18:47
Outro- 19:34

You can find all the articles referenced in this video in the links below:

Parts Used for the repair-

Adata SSD: