Now that Lubuntu is configured and themed, in this video I’ll install Ubuntu Studio on top and then record some audio.

With Ubuntu Studio installed, I’ll demonstrate how I connect an external soundcard and then set up the MacBook for audio work. I’ll show how to configure Jack server, create snapshots of a patchbay configuration and then record audio into Ardour.

Although I’ll be doing this walkthrough on a MacBook Pro, this video should still be helpful if you’re setting up a PC for multimedia work and even if you are using a different Linux distro.


00:00 Intro
00:27 Install Ubuntu Studio using the Ubuntu Studio Installer
04:17 Update Ubuntu Studio using the Update Notifier
05:09 Set up the Saffire Pro 14 soundcard & the MXL 990 condensor mic
06:28 Configure Jack audio using Studio Controls
10:04 Set up Ardour to record audio
11:20 Record and export audio using Ardour (1st attempt)
16:42 Adjust Studio Controls to reduce X-runs…