Rockabilly Beatdown Update 1.5 Trailer

Available now for iOS:
Available now for Android:

Another update awaits eager brawlers ready to throw down!


– New music tracks and remixes, punch your way alongside great riffs that mash up rockabilly and 16-bit tunes!
– Better level tuning to keep players on their toes!
– Pixel art updates on levels old and new!
– More underhood performance tweaks for super-fast loading and buttery gameplay framerate!
– New monster hero skins with special monster hotrod cars! Grab skins from the store for Kimber and Bruiser, and an optional In-App Purchase for Ace and Manny (plus a new level!)
– Whatever bugs were found skittering about, we stomped them all out!

Rockabilly Beatdown is an “endless puncher” featuring hepcat heroes and pixel art power. See how long you can survive a constant, ever growing stream of enemies by punching like your life depends on it – because it does! You’ve got to think fast and hit faster to…