S1 E7 Composer

Recording, creating and compiling the sounds for different types of theatre work. Providing the audio file for easy playback in the venue. In this episode I chat to a composer, about the early communications to the final adjustments in the theatre. We talk about the software used and his “Swish army knife” of plug ins.

To hear examples of his work, please visit www.svb-audio.com

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Podcast Episode Summary

00:00 Intro

0:59 As a composer what are you responsible for?

1:57 What do you consider the hardest part of composing music?

3:17 Where do you get your inspiration from to compose pieces of music?

4:34 What software and technology do you use in your set up?

7:53 Do you have microphone for recording effects if needed?

10:31 How do you get the work?

11:31 Who is your biggest market for composing?

12:18 In theatre do you make more sound scapes or sound effects?

13:42 Do you create your own…