Should you buy the new iPad Pro? 2020 iPad Pro vs 2018 iPad Pro: Which should you buy?

iPad Pro 2020 vs 2018 Comparison is here! I will be comparing the New iPad Pro 2020 Vs 2018 and advise you on whether you should Purchase the iPad Pro 2020 or iPad Pro 2018? With the release of the 2020 iPad Pro, not much has changed from the 2018 iPad Pro. The iPad Pro 2020 has had a very Minor Upgrade and I will debate whether it is worth the extra money to purchase the New model. Although both iPads share many similarities, there are a few differences and upgrades I will be addressing!

Should you Purchase the New iPad Pro 2020? Or Should you Purchase the iPad Pro 2018?
I will be discussing the differences between each iPad and is it is worth Purchasing the New iPad over Last 3rd Gen iPad Pro (2018).
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