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Should You SWITCH To ULTRA Textures For MAX FPS in Fortnite? (Best Fortnite Season 8 Settings)

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In Todays Video, Im going to cover if you Should SWITCH To ULTRA Textures For MAX FPS in Fortnite for the Best Fortnite Season 8 Settings to get MAX FPS Boost! Im going to Benchmark all the different Texture Quality Settings to see if we actually gain more FPS while switching from Low To Ultra Textures in Fortnite Season 8. This can help you to get MAX FPS and the Least Ammount of Latency in Fortnite Season 8. So if you want to know How To Boost MAX FPS in Fortnite Season 8 and the Best Competitive Settings for 0 Input Delay, you came to the right place. This Fortnite Season 8 Performance Benchmark will help you to get the Best Fortnite Season 8 Settings for more FPS. Im going to compare Ultra vs Low Textures and the Best MAX FPS Settings in Chapter 2 Season 8. This will include a high textures vs low textures fortnite Benchmark to see which settings ACTUALLY give you FPS BOOST in Fortnite PC for the biggest Competitive Advantage ingame.

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