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Steam VR's Prism Changes THINGS!

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Steam VR Beta 1.25.1 released earlier this week. It’s time to showcase all the strings we found relating to the Valve Deckard and future Steam VR features

0:00 Steam VR 1.25.1 is Here
0:50 Prism has Haunted us
1:50 Disclaimers
2:14 Display Flags Being Added to Drivers
3:00 Display Multi Framerate
3:30 Variable Refresh Rates for VR?
5:40 Updating Subpixel Shifting
7:07 Prism Correction
7:33 Device JSON Explanation
8:38 Prism Overrides Device JSONs
9:00 Panel Canting, Clocking, Pitching
11:40 Valve’s Counterrotation/Canting Patent
12:26 User Canting/Pitching Adjust?
14:49 Valve Leaks some of HTCs future things
15:52 Shader/Dashboard Updates
17:01 Overlay Control Bars
17:46 Allow SkyDome Feature
18:16 Spatial Encode Mode
18:26 Unused OpenXR Inputs in Lighthouse Drivers
19:01 Thanks for your Support!

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