Team FESTIVAL Special Announcement: LockWatch 2 (2020)

Team FESTIVAL is proud to announce LockWatch 2, the next big step in lock screen tweaks. With support for iOS 13 and iPadOS, LockWatch 2 is expected to release in 2020, free and open source, as usual for Team FESTIVAL software.

Continuing on the principles and the usability of the original LockWatch, LockWatch 2 will include the following features:
• 40+ native watch faces, including Mickey Mouse and Series 4+/Nike/Hermès exclusives
• Custom watch faces
• Native complications
• Inline watch face management and customization
• Device emulation if you don’t own an Apple Watch
• iOS 13 and iPadOS* support

* Support for iPadOS currently requires additional steps because of legal issues regarding redistribution of copyrighted assets. More on that coming as development proceeds.

Feature Overview
40+ native watch faces LockWatch 2 supports most, if not all watch faces included in watchOS 6 (or rather, iOS 13). This includes Utility, Modular, the much requested Mickey…