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Technical Tips for Windows 10 you MUST Know in 2021

I Compiled an Amazing List of Technical Tips for Windows 10 You MUST Know And I Want To Share it With You.
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0:00 The Beginning
0:12 Creating an Error Message (and copy/pasting its contents)
0:47 Protect Yourself From Ransomware
3:17 Emojis Emojis Emojis
4:04 Enhance Your Copy/Pasting Skills
5:14 Start Menu Folders (What’s Dat? and How to Change it?)
6:07 Display Useful Computer Information on Your Desktop

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Here’s some of what’s in this video:
Controlled folder access in Windows Security reviews the apps that can make changes to files in protected folders and blocks unauthorized or unsafe apps from accessing or changing files in those folders.

When you’re using a tablet, or PC in tablet mode, the touch keyboard (with lots of Emojis in it) will automatically open when you tap where you’d like to enter text.


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