This Windows 11 review will show you the best Windows 11 apps, all of them free! These top new Windows 11 features will help you be more productive, and are all built-in. For these top apps in Windows 11, I cover the surprisingly cool updates to the Windows 11 Clock app, the Windows 11 Teams app, and many more new updates. These Windows 11 tips and tricks will get you going on the new operating system and learn what’s new in Windows 11

✅ More Microsoft Windows 11 New Features:
✅ Windows playlist:
✅ Edge browser deeper dive, including Immersive Reader in Edge:

📝 Table of contents
0:00 Introduction
0:11 Clock app and Focus sessions
2:17 Teams app for consumers
4:24 Snipping Tool updates
6:48 Calculator improvements
8:13 Edge in Windows 11

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