The NEW NVIDIA Shield TV – the Android TV Box to Beat in 2020!

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In this review I will explore everything important about the new nVidia Shield TV (released at the end of 2019). This is the latest and greatest from the Android TV world and worth getting in case you are looking for a really good Android TV experience.
Price is $150 – and that is $50 less than the original Shield TV Pro. We take out the cardboard and here is the new tubular design, which has nothing to do with the older Shield TV revisions, and honestly – I think this design is very weird and quite unpractical.
Few words about what is inside: the latest and greatest Tegra X1+ processor, also – the unique 256-core Nvidia GPU, and accompanied by 2GB RAM.
Now – purely in terms of performance, the Tegra X1+ speedbump of around 25% compared to the previous generation…