I’ve been using the Macbook Pro as my main work computer everyday for the last 6 months, and through such prolonged use I’ve really been able to develop some longer term perspectives.

Today i’m going to share my experience of using this laptop and establish how well I think it meets my needs as a full time creative professional.

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00:00 Intro
00:30 Which version should you buy?
00:45 Fast charging & battery
01:12 Why I chose the 14″ version
01:36 M1 Pro Performance
03:33 Thoughts on the new design
03:55 Ports overview
04:09 The return of Magsafe
04:36 ProMotion Display
05:30 The problem with HDMI 2.0
07:15 Keyboard layout
07:30 Closing thoughts
08:03 Outro