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The Ultimate Windows 11 Video Editing + Gaming VM – Run Adobe Creative Cloud on Linux with VFIO

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Today I show you how to create the perfect single gpu passthrough virtual machine for gaming or video editing with the latest Windows 11 preview. I showcase cyberpunk 2077 running on the VM in addition to editing this video in Adobe Premiere Pro.

VFIO is the best way I’ve found so far to run Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe Photoshop on linux, wine doesn’t really work. This is also great for running games that refuse to work under wine, although some anti cheats detect and block VFIO. Many games do work, so it’s a good additional method when wine doesn’t work.

I’m using Arch Linux for VFIO in this video, but you can use any reasonably modern Linux distro. You will need to tweak the startup script if you’re using an AMD GPU, to load / unload the AMD gpu drivers instead of NVIDIA ones.

GitHub guide:

System Specifications
Intel Core i9 7980xe Direct Die delidded OC to 4.7 GHZ
128 GB ddr-3200
2TB Sata SSDs
18 TB…

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