This Map Lets You Boxfight Yourself…

Best Boxfight map in Fortnite!! Practice boxfighting yourself against zombie AI that will shoot back at you! I redesigned the solo box fight section from Shotgun Aim Facility 2.0 and added a lot of really awesome new features and tweaks! This map features multiple new angle and allowing you to circle the box the entire 360 degrees! As well, tweak the health of the zombies and how fast they “shoot” back at you!

Code: 3213-7825-1802

(If you want zombies to be able to break the walls)
Code: 4172-4241-7128

Infinite Randomized Aim & Edit Course
Code: 7298-1555-8008

Shotgun Aim Facility 2.0
Code: 7843-8702-4180

Background Beat…