I’ve been looking for a more powerful replacement for the NVIDIA Shield TV Pro for Native android gaming and emulation so I did some searching and came across some used Samsung Galaxy S20 FE android phones on eBay and these are perfect!
Powered by a snapdragon 865 backed by 6GB of ram and it has support for HDMI over USB plus it comes with Samsung DEX built-in. It has more power than the Nvidia Shields X1 CPU and GPU so performance is much better with gaming and emulation. We run some benchmarks test some native android gaming like Genshin impact, Asphalt 9, and of course, we test out some of our favorite emulators like Redream for Dreamcast, PPSSPP for PSP, Gamecube and Wii using the dolphin emulator, and finally PS2 using the new AetherSX2 PS2 emulator for android.

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