This is a short guide about my list of favorite settings that I think all players should enable that are not enabled by default to save time and frustration while playing Star Wars: The Old Republic!

πŸ”— Written guide:

1. Enable Auto-loot on Right-click
2. Enable Deselect Target upon Clicking on Terrain
3. Set Camera Max Distance to 100%
4. Set Global Camera Shake to 0%
5. Enable Background Audio
6. Turn Sound FX Volume Down to 25%
7. Turn on Subtitles
8. Allow Fullscreen (Windowed) to Tab Out
9. Set Your Graphics
10. Enable Allow Access to Same Class/Personal Phases
11. Auto-Ignore Guild Invites
12. Show Exploration Missions
13. Extended Quickbars
14. Lock Your Quickbars
15. Chat
Advanced Combat Settings (see written guide at bottom, not in video)


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