Top 50 iOS 13.5 AMAZING FREE Jailbreak Tweaks

All tweaks with *BigBoss* are default tweaks in Cydia. You can Search for them without adding a repo to download them. The Tweaks in this video are also being ACTIVELY TESTED with 13.5. Most of them still work but some of them will need updates from their developers. This video was shot 1 week prior to the 13.5 Jailbreak being released so not everything works yet.

Tweaks Discussed in this video:
ShortcutEnabler (For older devices) WORKING ON 13.5-
InvisibleShortcuts WORKING ON 13.5 (For newer devices)-
SmarterLPM-WORKING ON 13.5
PencilChargingIndicator WORKING ON 13.5 –
CCMusicArtwork Not WORKING ON 13.5 –
Six (LS) WORKING ON 13.5 –
NotiVibe WORKING ON 13.5 –
Cowbell WORKING ON 13.5 –
SwipeForMore WORKING ON 13.5 -BigBoss
BottomControlX NOT WORKING ON 13.5…