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Show notes:
00:00 Start
03:50 Des Traynor on the epidemic of startup advice
07:44 Startups are designed to grow fast
09:22 Netsuite – Get special financing at
10:48 Culture, tooling, focus & process
14:02 Everyone needs to be focused on the same thing
18:13 The more precisely you can define situation, the more obvious the solution is
22:29 Ourcrowd – Check out the deal of the week at
23:37 Don’t use hackable metrics
27:57 Why you should start customer first instead of audience first
33:45 Brainbase – Get a 15% discount, file a trademark for $169 at
35:15 Q&A with Jason: How to build a fast culture
37:21 Is remote work increasing efficiency?
43:27 What is lost with remote work?
49:32 Will there be a re-org of big tech?

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