Correction: I was under the impression this was a 7″ display but it turns out it’s a 6″ display, Being a smaller overall form factor it definitely feels like it’s a larger screen.
In this video, we take alook at the all-new WIN600 from Anbernic. They Finally made an X86 handheld that runs Windows and Steam OS! Powered by an AMD Athlon SIlver 3050e with Radeon Vega 3 Graphics and backed by up to 16GB of ram! This is not my review video of the Win600 this is more of a first look, Unboxing, Benchmarks, Gaming, and emulation test video. More videos are coming soon.
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02:50-Specs Win600
04:00-WIn600 Tear down Upgradability
05:04-Windows Performance
05:42-WIn600 Stock TDP
06:50-Benchmarks Win600
07:33-Skyrim Test…