Windows 10 Debloat Tool | Tweak | Debloater Download | Versions 2004/20H2(2009) – Jan 8, 2021!

Please see the LINK below for NEW full walkthrough video! Program now called ‘Sophia Script Wrapper’. This is an old video of Windows 10 Debloater tool that is a quick walkthrough.
We now work with farag2 on his Windows 10 Debloat ‘Sophia’ PowerShell Script project:
►Wrapper Information:

This FREE program creates a PowerShell script file that you can run to tweak/’Debloat’ Windows 10. Watch this (outdated) quick video walkthrough to see how.
►Previous video:

ALTERNATIVE: based on Chris Titus Tech.

NOTE: This program only edits and reads from TEXT files. Everything is done through text files so you can modify every option and function data.

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