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Video Chapters
00:00 Introduction
00:52 Disable Startup Apps
00:54 Disable Visual Effects
01:30 Enable Storage Sense
02:09 Choose A Power Plan
03:11 Delete Cache And Unwanted Files
04:11 Uninstall Unwanted Apps
04:47 Turn Off Tips And Notifications
05:33 Run Disk Cleanup
06:14 Try Readyboost
07:07 Turn Off Search Indexing
07:37 Update Drivers
08:13 Disable Transparency Effect
Restart, Update.
Disable Startup Programs/Apps.
Debloat Windows 11.
Change Power Mode.
Defragment Hard Disk.
RAM/SSD Upgrade.
Disable Restartable Apps.
Uninstall Unwanted Software/Bloatware.
Windows 11 performance drop
Windows 11 performance features
Windows 11 faster
#Windows11 faster than Windows 10
Does Windows 11 improve #performance
Windows 11 #Optimization pack
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