Windows 11 vs Windows 10 Gaming comparison

As you saw in m last video I recently upgraded to Win11 PRO but I was curious to see if I noticed any difference in gaming so I ran a bunch of tests for you all
Lets start with 3dmark timespy, at 1440p with windows 11 we see an increase on the graphics scores between 7 and 10 %
the trend continues with Firestrike extreme 1440p with an increase in the score of 8.8%
also at firestrike 4k we see a great increase between 9 and 30%
Looking at games while we gain a 6.6% in Doom Eternal 1440p, we only get a 4% increase at 4k
While with assassin’s creed odysey we seem to lose 11% at 1440p while we gain 1.5% at 4k
Opposite result with Horizon zero dawn where we get an increase of 5.7% at 1440p while we lose 12.6% at 4k
Bad results with Red Dead redemption 2 where we lose 5% at 1440p and 8.3% at 4k
With Cyberpunk, Witcher 3 and Shadow of the tomb raider we have loss and gains
but we can have a better understanding looking at this final slide…