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Worlds Fastest Macbook Pro (with M1 Max)

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In this video I wanted to share my thoughts on the new macbook pro 14 and 16 inch with M1 Pro and M1 Max. These are the worlds fastest macbooks, or even laptops. I’m excited about a a lot of the changes.

00:47 The rumors about the macbook pro 16 were true
01:20 lets talk about M1 pro and M1 max
02:10 apple removed the touch bar!
02:35 new keyboard on Macbook pro 16 2021
02:56 macbook got the sd card reader back
03:50 Mag-safe charger back on the macbook pro 16 2021
04:34 Pro-motion on the macbook pro 14 and 16
05:07 The notch on the macbook pro
07:10 the new macbook pro 14 and 16 are expensive
07:30 should you get the macbook pro 14 or 16?

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