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Xiaomi Mi A2 / 6X: Install Latest Stable Android 13 – tequilaOS

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Xiaomi Mi A2: Install Latest Stable Android 13 – tequila OS on Jasmine Sprouts – #ArrowOS | Easy way to Install | Pre requirement | Initial Impressions! | Jasmine Sprouts | Wayne | A2 | 6X

Hey there, how are you doing? This is Kali from TechFanciers. This video will show how to install Android 13 on Mi A2. So, after unlocking the bootloader and installing TWRP, it’s time to move from our Stock ROM to a featured custom ROM. So, in this video will see how to install this Android 13 ROM – tequila OS.


tequlia OS – Android 13
A2 (Jasmine Sprouts):
6X (Wayne):

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