In Todays Video, Im showing you How To Get Less Input Lag in Games & Fully Optimize your Windows for the Least Ammount of Latency in Games in 2022. Im showing you the BEST Method to get Less Input Delay and Fix Lag in Games, to Reduce your Latency and get 0 Input Delay in Valorant, Fortnite or many other Games. Im showing you the Best Optimization Steps to Get NO Input Lag while Gaming and the Smoothest Gaming Experience in 2022. This will Fix Lag or Stutter in Games and give you 0 Input Delay while playing. So if you want to know how Pro Players get No Delay and Fix Lag in Games, you came to the right place. THese are the Best Tips & Tricks to Fix Lag on Windows 10 or Windows 11 and get the Smoothest Experience possible on your PC.

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