In this video I will show you how to FIX DROP FPS and Boost the FPS, this tool is free from Microsoft developers to clear up your ram cache and boost the Pc Performance & Optimize it. 0 Delay in CPU Latency, work for every game and software like CSGO, Valorant, Minicraft, Fortnite, PUBG & GTA v, and others.

Have you ever wondered exactly how Windows assign physical memory, how much file data is cached in RAM, or how much RAM is used by the kernel and device drivers? RAMMap makes answering those questions easy. RAMMap is an advanced physical memory usage analysis utility for Windows Vista and higher. It presents usage information in different ways on its several other tabs:

• Use Counts: usage summary by type and paging list
• Processes: process working set sizes
• Priority Summary: prioritized standby list sizes
• Physical Pages: per-page use for all physical memory
• Physical Ranges:…