[IBPC] CPU Performance Fixes (Temporary)

*EDIT* as of 1/6/20 the CRC fix has been updated and can be used on 12.10.01, However the Window Close Fix is no longer working. Thanks…

Special K –

Windows Disable – I like this one, Its super easy, and unless you’re actively downloading weird shit, it shouldnt cause any problems.

Close Window – This is great if you’re on a controller and it doesnt matter, but since i play on KBM, I cant really use this one.

CRC Disable – You got to be kind of fearless to use this one. But it works too.

These should help fix some issues people are having with Iceborne on the PC. Its all due to the anti-cheat stuff. Modders are working on more permanent fixes, but I’m unaware of when that will be available. I’ll keep people posted though.

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